About Us & What We Do

We get up every morning to solve problems. This is what makes us happy. Our passion is facing challenges, our creativity knows no limits. We believe that there may in always be a better, more efficient solution, whether it’s about everyday shopping or designing a company infrastructure. We love meeting new people, communication between our partners and us is inspiring and a cradle of new ideas, bringing individual solutions to life.


Even ancient people collected information to make  better decisions. Today, thanks to the Internet, we have information about almost everything and countless answers to any question. You just type it into a search engine, and, in a fragment of a second, results are displayed…maybe even 5 million hits. Most people find the relevant information on the first page – what we see are answers to 5 million different needs. This is our chance to lead others to the best and most efficient ways to achieve their goals. Just like us – we started from a garage, and now we can help our partner reach international success.


Saytama Gmbh is committed to information security and protection of your privacy, this is the most important for us to protect our creative work and our partners.

Blockchain Solutions & Development

Our blockchain development services provide decentralized solutions on various areas, such as integrating blockchain based modules in existing software for data integrity and security.

Software Consulting

Software consulting helps you focus on what is important to you and manage your available technologies efficiently, making operations easier and reducing costs.

Building on our experience in many areas, data mining and analytical tools, we can help you adapt your applications, procedures and workflows to your business needs.

Reliable Quality and Security

Our company uses the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) which focuses on quality requirements of features and risk mitigation.

Experience-based Knowledge

Being software developers, we assess existing technologies  in practice, extending our knowledge day by day, and we are eager to share our experiences with our customers.

Open Source Technologies

We prefer using open source technologies for their flexibility and cost effectiveness. For customers, this means a lower TCO and easier administration of the final product.

Personalized Consulting

Investing in IT consulting is a reasonable choice with long-term benefits. Whether it’s a small adjustment of an existing system, or building a complete solution from ground up, we can forecast the efficiency of the chosen technology and help you reach your goals for the lowest cost.

Application Development

Our experts can provide personalized application strategies focusing on high availability, performance and security.


Work more efficiently – digitize and automate your workflows.

Cloud Service

Our experts can improve flexibility, efficiency and security at your company using cloud-based services and enterprise management software.

DevOps Solutions

We set up a DevOps environment to streamline upgrade processes and to strengthen interderpartmental integrity of various companies.

Updating Your IT infrastructure

Streamlining software, hardware and network resources and reducing TCO by infrastructure virtualization and migration to cloud.

Development Reorganization

Make your development processes more efficient and your projects more visible by implementing agile practices with the assistance of Saytama Gmbh.

Our running projects

In today’s global business, it is essential not to lose sight of our goals and to prioritize our tasks accordingly.

This requires to have easy access to the status of our ongoing projects.

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Our Proudly Presented Projects

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How We Do What We Do

In today’s global business, it is essential to keep your goals in mind and prioritize your tasks accordingly. Therefore, you need easy access to the status of your ongoing projects.


A session with our experts where they provide useful advice and information to help you troubleshoot and achieve your goals. We are ready to provide a solution.


A clear and transparent set of criteria and continuous communication with our clients is the key to productive planning.


Before you launch a new service or implement a new solution, we are here for you to examine and test it in every possible aspect.


Monitoring the performance of your operating service or solution to make sure it reaches your target audience and desired goals.

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